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Are you thinking of fitting air-conditioning in a room to optimize comfort in your home or create a pleasant working environment for an office? It is now child's play with our different ranges of air conditioning units! Our flexible solutions are based on three fundamental criteria : pleasant atmosphere, energy efficiency and maximum flexibility in planning the installation work.

Air-to-air heat pump

Air-to-air heat pump

Installed permanently, this air-conditioning/heating system consists of several units : an air-to-air heat pump that is placed outdoors, on a base along a façade, on a balcony or patio as well as several indoor units installed in the various rooms to be treated. Several criteria are to be considered for the installation such as the layout of the premises, needs and budget. They can be mounted at the top or bottom of walls or built into a false ceiling. Ask our experts for customised advice.

A perfect compromise all year round

A perfect compromise all year round

The air conditioning/air-to-air heat pump is a cost-effective solution  that can both cool your premises in summer and heat them in winter. The temperature can be adjusted either separately or in groups, simply select the required indoor temperature. This device delivers optimum temperature in a room. The new models can even detect people in the room and then change the direction of the blowing system so as not to disturb them. It is easy to install and requires little preparation and demolition work. Perfectly functional, it is suitable for homes, businesses, apartment buildings, offices, etc. It also blends harmoniously into any interior thanks to the elegant design of its range.

Mobile air conditioning unit

Mobile air conditioning unit

This cooling system is available either as a single unit, where hot air is discharged through a flexible hose through the window, or in split form. In this case, the air conditioning unit has an indoor and an outdoor unit. The latter can be set up on a balcony, patio, etc. Note that a thin pipe passing through a window connects the two units.

The user-friendly air conditioning unit can cool a room in a matter of minutes. For people looking for a temporary or permanent air conditioning system that requires no preparation work, the mobile air conditioning unit is the ideal solution. In addition to being inexpensive and silent, it can easily be stored in a closet when not in use. 

If you don't want to invest in one of these devices, CHOOSE RENTAL! 

This way, you can quickly get an air conditioning unit during hot weather for a reasonable price. This can be a temporary and cost-effective solution.

Our range also includes more powerful devices for large marquees, tents, etc. 


  • Short response time (the room quickly reaches the required temperature)
  • Combined heating, cooling and ventilation all in one system
  • Elegant design, comes in different colours
  • Silent operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Mobile solutions for users reluctant to investor who are not owners
  • Mobile range available for rent

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