Polluted air in your home ?

Pollution is frequently associated with industry, vehicle exhaust, agriculture,... In reality, indoor air is often more contaminated than outdoor air.

Indoor pollution includes more than 500 pollutants: aerosols, cleaning products, home perfumes, boiler flue gases, solvents in paints, humidity... The increasing insulation of buildings gives rise to new habits. We ventilate less, preventing air from circulating and dispersing pollutants. If the building has ventilation, it will draw in outside air that already contains pollutants (industry, transport, etc.). They will therefore be added to indoor pollutants... A true cocktail of dangerous particles!

At ERI, we have understood the importance of purifying the air and have developed solutions that give you clean air to breathe!

Polluted air in your home ?

Electrostatic filtration purifier

Electrostatic filtration purifier

This type of device works by drawing in air and a fan circulates it through several filters, each having a specific role. The primary filter removes coarse particles, animal dander and human hair. The electrostatic filter captures fine particles, viruses and harmful microorganisms. Finally, the activated carbon filter captures odours and harmful gases. After passing through these filters, the purified air is blown into the room.

The principle of electrostatic filtration has been adapted to different types of machines and models to provide a solution for many applications. False ceiling cassettes, ceiling lights, mobile devices... our extensive range allows integration in all interiors.

Our purifiers are designed as standard for air flows ranging from 180 to 5100 m³/h.

'Active ion Hepa’ filtration purifier

'Active ion Hepa’ filtration purifier

Fitted with an ‘Active Ion Hepa’ filter to capture polluting particles and an active carbon filter for odours, the purifier works in such a way that the polluting particles stick to the first filter. The fan in the unit operates and circulates air through the active carbon filter to eliminate odours. By changing the filter, you get rid of the polluting particles.

These devices must be placed directly in the room to be treated. Two versions are available. In the mobile version, the purifier can be moved from one room to another. In the fixed version, it is wall-mounted in the room to be treated.

Renting is always an option

We also have mobile purifiers for rent. If your need is only temporary or you do not own the building you occupy, it is always possible to rent.


  • Reduces allergies, asthma, hay fever, headaches...
  • Improved concentration
  • Fine particles are almost completely destroyed 
  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Can be adapted to existing ventilation for complete building treatment
  • Easy to install
  • Mobile or fixed systems

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