Ventilation to remove moisture

In recent years, new buildings have been subjected to new regulations enforcing efficient insulation to reduce energy consumption. Therefore, buildings become watertight and the water vapour generated by bathrooms, kitchens, occupants' breathing, etc. remains trapped in this tight enclosure. Damage soon appears in poorly ventilated buildings: mould, fungi, condensation, etc.  Whereas opening a window lets cold air in, a ventilation system provides perfect ventilation without losing the heat from the heating system.

Ventilation is also the ideal solution against the presence of radon gas or CO2 emissions from people's breathing.  When confined in a poorly ventilated room for some time, adverse effects such as headaches will frequently appear. These are due to excess CO2. Suitable ventilation is therefore particularly useful in offices, for example.

Many possible setups

Many possible setups

A ventilation system can be installed in different ways: on the ceiling, in the attic, in a laundry room, etc. Similarly, the ductwork can also be adapted on a case-by-case basis: laid in slabs or screed, false ceiling ductwork, etc.

The operating principle of the machine is always based on extracting stale air from damp rooms while fresh air is blown into other rooms.

In a dual-flow ventilation system, the fresh air from outside and the warm indoor and stale air pass through a heat exchanger. The two flows meet but do not come into contact. Only the heat from the stale air is transmitted for a theoretical recovery of 95% of the heat.

Our range features both centralized ventilation systems (for an entire building) and decentralized ventilation systems (rather useful for a single room).

Dust removal and disinfection of ducts

Dust removal and disinfection of ducts

The general maintenance of a ventilation system consists of cleaning the air vents and ventilation unit as well as the filters. Ideally, this should be done once a year. However, this operation does not clean the inside of dirty ventilation ducts. A vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush and a long hose (several metres) is required for this purpose. This type of cleaning is recommended after 5 to 10 years of use of the mechanically controlled ventilation.

Rental of fans for building sites

Rental of fans for building sites

Our offering covers a rental service for vapour, fume and gas extraction systems as well as air recycling systems:

  • Fans
  • Ducted extractors
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • High pressure centrifugal systems


The air flows of our units can handle up to 15,000 m³/h.


  • Can be laid in screeds, slabs or false ceilings
  • Well-designed louvres
  • Silent operation
  • Radon removal
  • Maintenance contracts
  • 95% efficiency
  • Specific equipment available for rent

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