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We have 40 years of expertise in the field of dehumidification and it all began long before the creation of ERI. 

We have built on our extensive expertise and have developed a wide range of products that can be divided into four categories:

  • Domestic dehumidification: solutions for cellars, laundries, bathrooms, private swimming pools, etc.
  • Dehumidification of building sites: mobile dehumidifiers to dry screed and plaster, insulation dryers, etc. 
  • Dehumidification of swimming pools: dehumidifiers for private swimming pools, air treatment units for semi-private or public swimming pools, etc. 
  • Industrial dehumidification: solutions for museums, print works, storage of agricultural products, storage of electronic components, etc. 


Depending on the range, our products are available for sale or rental, but you can also entrust us with the installation. We frequently work with pool specialists, for example, who manage the pool construction project and appreciate our dehumidification support.

Solutions for private or public swimming pools

Solutions for private or public swimming pools

Dantherm, Hidros, TFT... we are distributors for several major brands. The combination of these brands allows us to find the most suitable solution for each project and offer different design options:

  • Consoles to place in the room to be treated
  • Built-in models to be placed in a technical room
  • Ducted models for perfect design


We also offer air treatment units for private luxury pools and public swimming pools. These units dehumidify, ventilate and can even control the heating of the room to be treated.

From the small swimming lane to the olympic public swimming pool, we always have a solution and our 40 years of experience guarantees you perfect mastery of the technology.

Finally, because we are perfectionists, we also offer maintenance contracts to ensure professional follow-up even after the installation phase.

Do you have a temporary need? Opt for rental!

Do you have a temporary need? Opt for rental!

  • Drying after water damage
  • Accelerating the drying of casings, plasters and paint on a building site
  • Insulation drying


We can provide you with mobile dehumidifiers of different capacities for rent. Featuring an auto-stop tank, they are simple and functional!

Many options are available: electrical extensions, hoses for direct connection to a drain, shipping and installation by our team...


  • Sale or rental solutions available
  • Sizing by our design office
  • Preservation of property
  • Very wide range and several major brands available
  • Many options and setups available
  • Automatic regulation of our devices
  • Maintenance contracts available
  • Our experience of nearly 40 years in the field

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