For cleaner air

In winter, the heating in buildings dries out the ambient air.

Air that is too dry causes skin and respiratory problems:

  • dry and chapped skin
  • eye, nose and throat irritation
  • headaches
  • congested sinuses


This can also cause damage to materials: cracking in the wood, etc.

To correct the air humidity level and maintain the ideal level of comfort for health and buildings, a humidifier must be used. 

A humidifier eases breathing and reduces the risk of conjunctivitis, nose infection and bronchitis.


A humidifier for every use

A humidifier for every use

Our range provides solutions for both domestic use and professional and industrial requirements.

Cool mist humidifiers or air scrubbers

Very easy to use, this device must be connected to a power supply and filled with water to operate. The amount of water evaporated into the air is then automatically controlled by the device. This type of humidifier can be moved easily from one room to another and is particularly suitable for domestic or office use. 

Spray humidifiers

Mostly used in the industrial sector, this type of humidifier diffuses water into the environment in the form of mist. It must be installed permanently but is noted for its flexibility: it can be placed in the room to be treated, hidden in an equipment room, treat a single room or all the rooms in the building, coupled to the ventilation network, etc.

Warm mist humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers feature a boiling water tank and diffuse the steam produced in this way into the room or into ventilation ductwork. They are installed permanently and automatically adjust the quantities of water diffused into the air according to the humidity level you wish to maintain.

Humidifiers also available for rent

Humidifiers also available for rent

Do you have a temporary need? Our cool mist humidifiers are also available for rental. Their small size and simple operation make them ideal for rental.  


  • Automatic control of the devices according to the required humidity
  • Can be adapted to an existing ducting/ventilation network
  • Solutions available for domestic, professional or industrial requirements
  • Reduction of bronchitis, laryngitis, etc. in young children
  • Reliability
  • ‘Cool mist’ range available for rent

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